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About Us


The St. Luke Memorial Missionary Baptist Church legally came into existence August 29, 1940. The St. Luke and Mosley Baptist Churches, listening to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, decided to effect a merger. On the third Sunday, September 15, 1940, the members of St. Luke Baptist Church, then located on Lucas Street, marched to Mosley Memorial Baptist Church located at 3619 Finney, and the merger became complete. Rev. J. L. House was accepted as Pastor of the merging congregations. 

In 1975, Rev. J. L. House’s ill health caused him to resign his pastorate. In October of 1976, Rev. Jimmy L. Brown was called to pastor the St. Luke Memorial Missionary Baptist Church. God has greatly blessed our church in the 31 years that Rev. Dr. J. L. Brown has served here. Called to pastor at 28 years old, Pastor Brown came in with new and energetic ideas for the church. During the 42 years of his pastorate, many programs have been initiated and accomplished.

St. Luke Memorial has stood at 3619 Finney for more than 57 years as a beacon of light and a symbol of hope and faith in an eternal God. On Sunday, June 6, 1999, we were blessed to march into our new edifice located at 3623 Finney Avenue. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

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